Copyrighted Designs, Exclusive Designs

Shazé gives high premium to design, and quality. The designs on offer are not just exclusive and unique, but also carefully crafted, with great thought. And with so much effort behind each and every piece and design, Shazé ensures that they are all protected by copyright laws.

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What is a copyright law you ask?
Copyrights are basically a right to stop someone from copying, or imitating a creative work without permission.

At Shazé, we believe that ethics are essential, especially in our endeavour to provide the absolute best. Copyright laws ensure that the premium quality and designs that Shazé promises is exactly what you get. They ensure that customers are not fooled by cheap imitations or illegal copycats. There are copyright laws in India and across the world that protect designs, and products and give you the assurance that you are getting only the original and nothing else.

Your question would be that what do these laws protect?
The laws protect the overall appearance of the design, the different elements, and features. This would mean the shape, the details and the ornamentations. A copyright recognises a design as a work of art and craftsmanship. It is also a stamp of originality for the designs.

Who can use the copyrighted designs then?
Only the owners of the copyright have the right to reproduce the design or product in any form or medium. Only they can issue copies of that copyrighted design and only these owners can sell or rent the product or design. In this case, any designs and products copyrighted by Shazé can only be sold and reproduced by Shazé.

Copying the designs and violating these copyright laws is not just a civil but also a criminal offence, in India and across the world.

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Shazé thinks that copyright violation is serious, because design and quality are important for Shazé and for the customers too. A design copyright helps people differentiate between the original and also builds trust.

Shazé says, stay informed, and stay assured that with Shazé, you get only the best.

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