The Silver Lining

Silver is one of the precious metals, and for years it has held a lot of value globally. Be it in Indian culture with silver coins or European culture with silverware at the dinner table – silver has always been a mark of prestige, class and good taste.

But did you know that silver is also a great investment? In fact, in Utah, silver can be legally used to pay debts!

Let us start with how much silver appreciates. In 2009, the 31g of silver cost 14.67 US$, and it reached 31.15 US$ by 2012. That is more than double in just 4 years. With this level of appreciation, silver can be used as security against factors not within our control, like inflation, fluctuation of currencies and deflation. A precious metal like silver stays primarily immune to these factors.

Starting from the simple bars, to coins, even certificates and jewellery – silver is available in many forms. You can even invest in silverware for your home. A silver article as a gift to close ones is considered a good omen and a sign of wishing luck to the person. Not just that, you are also gifting something that will only rise in value with the years.

With the demand and supply of gold being at a juncture, in the current scenarios, silver is considered a better investment too. As per, gold values worldwide climbed 6% in August, whereas silver has gained a shining 21.3%. While pressure on gold remains, silver is the new go-to metal for most.

When it comes to silver jewellery, as they say, it is never a bad investment. Silver gains much more value as an antique and the jewellery is valued not just monetarily but also with status. Think of your grandmother’s silver neckpiece that you wore at a wedding, making all eyes were focussed on you. Or a silver tray you gifted someone that was proudly displayed on their centre-table.

With silver, it is also possible to purchase larger quantities with lesser money, making it easier to invest. You can shop for it online and get certified silver, that is trustworthy.

Shazé says that when it comes to investing, sometimes, all that shines is not gold. Look at the silver lining too.

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